Kids GPS smart watch- provide safety and freedom to your child!

Being a parent or guardian we always try our best to safeguard our kids from unseen danger.  In the world, where crime rate is increasing day by day it is very important to protect our children from upcoming danger. Crimes like child trafficking, kidnapping, rape, murder are higher than adult’s.  Almost every year 30-40% criminal’s cases are registered among which 15-20% cases are related to children. Today child’s safety is a major concern of every parent.

Ensuring your child’s safety at school, playground, relatives place, and market areas is very important. What if you get a way to locate your kid’s location or get a way to know the exact location of their whereabouts?

Concerned about your Child’s safety?

If you are worried about your child’s safety then, GPS smart watch for kids would be helpful. You cannot be present with your kids all the time. It is not even possible to provide them a smart phone at school but with GPS smart watch you can locate your child’s location. This wearable GPS watch gives your child a complete freedom and a complete peace of mind to you. Kids GPS smart watch manufacturerThinkRace Technology is the leading GPS Tracker, IoT Solution & Fitness Monitoring Equipment’s Company. From 11 successful years, we have been providing OEM/ODM/JDM services to more than 500 satisfying customers.

Why you should choose ThinkRace Kids GPS smart watch?

Through, kids GPS smartwatch ODM service provided by ThinkRace Technology you can build your own GPS kids smartwatch brand. We take care of your production and let you focus on your marketing and sales strategy. Our team helps our customer with customize app and application service according to their need. With the help of our wearable device you can easily locate your kid’s location via smart phone or iOS device.

Few amazing inbuilt features of GPS wearable locator:

  • With GPS Smart watch PT401 track your kid’s real-time location.
  • Monitor your kid’s surrounding and ensure their safety with voice monitoring feature.
  • Two-way communication let your child answer and dial specific contacts.
  • SOS emergency button provides an emergency help to your kids.
  • Track your kid’s health with health monitoring feature.

In your absence, the GPS tracker watch will let you know about your child’s location. Give your kid’s a free environment along with safety and security.  This wearable GPS locator let you stay connected with your child all-day long. It is quite easy to use, you just have to make your child wear this smartwatch and via GPS service locate their location from your mobile phone.