How to use GPS luggage tracker for effortless traveling experience?


We have all been there: Rubbernecking at baggage claim, waiting for our bag to rise up onto the conveyor belt. Searching frantically for a lost handbag (Did I leave it at the design museum? or that cute bistro? London?

Misplacing a significant item while traveling can range from a minor inconvenience to a major disaster and can even spoil the excitement of your traveling! This is where luggage tracker comes into the picture. This petite tracking device attaches to anything you’d never want to lose—your purse, your luggage—and uses web tracking platform to help you find it.

With a cohort smart phone app and an interconnected global network of users, baggage tracking device can aid you to locate valuables almost anywhere on earth.

Read on to for tips on how to use this innovative GPS device to track luggage by ThinkRace Technology to give you peace of mind while traveling.

8 Conducts to use GPS luggage tracker AT15 when you travel :-

    1.  You made to your linking flight—but did your luggage too? Place a baggage locator in your checked suitcase and track the real-time location of your belongings via app or applications to back up that your luggage is within your range—i.e. right beneath you in the cargo hold.
    2. And if by chance, your luggage doesn’t make the trip, our tracking device’s extensive user network can help you locate it in another city—or across the world.
    3. Keep a tracking system in your carry-on luggage. Get the exact location of the bag and locator can tell you your bag’s last known location, so if you leave it behind at the airport newsstand, you can run back and retrieve it.
    4. No need to jostle for position at baggage claim. Sit contentedly and the tracker app will let you know when your bag is forthcoming the carousel.
    5. At your destination, pop a tracking solution into your handbag or wallet to facilitate quells the panic of misplacing your essentials.Whether you left it in a coffee shop or dropped it in the street, you can track the same in a matter of minutes.
    6. Going in for world tour but worry about your bag. Now no need as our luggage tracker device comes with rechargeable and ultra-long battery life. So wander anywhere you want with precise tracking solution.
    7. Worry about miss-handling of the baggage, now no more as luggage tracker is equipped with a GEO-Fencing feature in which you can set  a virtual boundary for your belongings. The moment your bag crosses the assigned perimeter, you get alert for the same.
    8. Track your belongings with multi-mode positioning! As the device works best for GPS/ LBS/A-GPS/ WI-FI.

Now, travelers, security agencies, and tourists need not worry about losing their luggage. Just keep calm, relax and enjoy a hassle free experience with GPS locator for luggage. The baggage locator is lightweight and lasts longer due to its bigger battery.
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