How geo-fencing provides extra layer of security to dementia patients?

Dementia is very prevalent among seniors; it is estimated 4 million people over the age of 65 have this condition. A dementia person suffers from memory loss and their other cognitive functions progressively decline. It starts with subtle forgetting small details to completely forgetting the names and faces of loved ones. It is a very difficult stage for both sufferer and their families. The painful thing is that your loved one may not fully understand how dementia is impacting them and putting them at risk. Up-to 60% of people with dementia demonstrates wandering.

Wandering is quite common but can be very dangerous and can happen at any stage of Alzheimer’s. People become confused with their whereabouts and there is a sudden change in their behavior.

Know the power of geo-fencing

Geo-fencing is innovative technology that utilizes smartphones to keep track of dementia patients. This technology is inbuilt in some elderly GPS alzheimer’s watch. With the help of GPS technology you can track the whereabouts of your elderly loved one and geo-fencing allows creating a virtual boundary for your senior loved one. Get instant notification when they enter or exit the defined boundary. The elderly locator devices come in the form of bracelets or smartwatches. Geo- fencing feature prevent wandering behavior by sending a message to the smartphone of the caregiver anytime the patient leaves the perimeter. Without this technology tracking their location could take hours, and dozens of helpers. Without the help of this technology, locating wandering patient could take hours. But now with GPS tracker technology, locating wandering individual can be accomplished in minutes. This revolutionary technology can change the negative impact of wandering behavior.

ThinkRace Technology is a leading GPS tracker, IoT solution & fitness monitoring equipment’s Company manufactured elderly GPS smartwatch to keep elderly adult safe. The GPS elderly watch is built-in with GPS navigation system for real-time tracking and equipped with two-way calling so that you stay near to your elderly adults. Geo-fencing feature can be used to safeguard the location of your elderly ones.
The sole aim of this smart watch is to help oldage home, geriatric care center, healthcare, medical centers, nursing homes dealing with dementia patients. This GPS tracking device is especially designed with Alzheimer’s in mind. For 24/7 tracking, our professional team provides complete App & Application customization. Never lose the whereabouts of your elderly loved ones with this tracking solution. Create a safe environment for dementia patients. Contact us if you want create your own tracking system for elderly with our elderly GPS tracker ODM/OEM/JDM services.