Difference between bluetooth luggage locator and GPS luggage locator

A smart tracker is a small tracking device that comes in variety of shape and sizes and offers multiple features for the safety of your luggage.

This tracking device hooks up to your personal belongings and then connects you to its application installed on your mobile phone. After this, it starts tracking the real-time location of the object. This is done directly through the mobile app.

Next time when you don’t find your belonging, just check their location on your mobile phone. Usually, there are two type of tracking system Bluetooth tracker and GPS tracker.

Find out the difference between these two tracking system.

What are Bluetooth tracker and GPS tracker?

Bluetooth tracker is the new phenomenon that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology. The advancement in this Bluetooth technology provides more stable connection and consumes less power.

GPS tracking technology has been around for decades when US military satellite was open for public use. GPS technology is open for worldwide and gives you real-time location.

However, there are few differences that influence tracker decision.

Connectivity range

GPS trackers maintain constant connection and provide update location at anytime and from anywhere.
Whereas, the Bluetooth tracker usually have a maximum tracking range as it depends on the strength of the Bluetooth signal.

Battery consumption

Most of the Bluetooth tracking device requires less power, while few comes with a replaceable battery.
GPS trackers have substantial power consumption, but most the GPS locator comes with a rechargeable battery and stay for a longer duration.


With GPS trackers create a safe zone for multiple areas and receive notification about your tracker’s activity.

Bluetooth trackers are limited to tracking. They cannot send or receive notification when you are out of Bluetooth connection range.

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