Do you know About our company

We provides innovative security and GPS monitoring devices by using wireless communications technologies.

Our Story

thinkrace technologyThinkRace technology was established in 2006 with the objective of designing and manufacturing quality products such as GPS trackers, GPS watches, Pet Tracker, Car GPS Tracker. The major focus of the company is providing innovative security and fitness monitoring devices using wireless communications technologies. Our founders were from elite telecommunication companies like Huawei, Lenovo, CoolPad etc. Based on their previous experience, we are aiming to deliver high-end products at a more affordable price, while maintaining the overall quality and performance. The positive result and feedback from both our distributors and end-users is the root of our continuous growth in developing software for safety tracking and communication products. We are building an ecosystem for our products, such as fleet management system, family safety system for protecting kids, elders, and pets. We are providing ultra-reliable safety tracking services in the form of 8,000,000 devices in a high scale system by working with Amazon AWS cloud platform.

Social Responsibility

We have always believed ThinkRace can – and should – have a positive impact on the mission we serve. We design and manufacture products for achieving the security and fitness monitoring goals. One innovative design, one line of code, one new sensor, one inspired call or meetings with our partners. We believe IoT, GPS tracking, Wearable technology will be using more and more to connect people and things, that can solve a lot of problems, So we can live in a safer and healthier life.

 social responsibility

Our business philosophy

We focus on innovating and producing tracking products for the safety and fitness purposes. Our product range includes Personal GPS tracker, GPS watch, GPS card, pet tracker, bike tracker, Vehicle GPS tracker, OBD II tracker and fitness band. We are a group of people with more than ten years of experience in this industry. We are committed to deliver Reliable products and customized solutions throughout the World with competitive prices to our clients. ThinkRace’s mission and passion is To Stay Innovative. We always try to set the High Requirements For Us en for the Whole Industry.We offer various Customized Solutions for Tracking for several Types of Industry Needed, we provide OEM / ODM Services to Many of the Fortune 500 companies, telecom carriers and the government of more than 30 countries.

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Our Clients

ThinkRace is providing very valuable service to our clients / partners, we are very strong on the hardware and software development, we are open for the technology and information sharing with our partners.